Why is Energy Efficiency So Important in 2022?

Energy efficiency is often listed as a key selling point in modern homes — but what makes it so important? Here’s a closer look at why energy efficiency should be a priority for you when buying a home — and how the properties at Urban Meadows deliver.

The Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient properties provide several valuable benefits. For example, these homes are generally more comfortable because of features like air sealing and efficient windows that prevent drafts and hot or cold spots.

Energy efficient systems will also help you save money on utility expenses. For example, an ENERGY STAR certified HVAC system consumes less electricity, and can get your home to the desired temperature faster than an older, inefficient system. Other structural enhancements help the home stay at a consistent temperature so your HVAC system doesn’t need to run as frequently so you can save even more.

Achieving Energy Efficiency

Building an energy-efficient home depends on a few key factors. Eco-friendly features and construction can go a long way in helping a home reduce its carbon footprint. Even the design of the property can help it be more “green.” For example, open concept homes are more environmentally friendly since they use fewer building materials and allow for easier temperature control.

Quality, efficient building materials and systems such as insulation, doors and windows, lighting systems, and appliances can all help improve household efficiency. Such materials tend to be designed with durability in mind, which will also reduce maintenance and repair costs in the future.

The properties at Urban Meadows are ENERGY STAR certified, meaning they are at least 10 percent more efficient than standard homes and achieve an average energy efficiency improvement of 20 percent. With high-quality materials designed to improve energy efficiency, you can enjoy a low-maintenance home that will serve your family well for many years to come. Contact Shrock Real Estate today to learn more about available lots and homes.

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