Modern Living For the Modern Family

Today’s families have different expectations and needs for their homes than the families of 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Finding a home with highly desirable features can greatly improve your family’s quality of life and how much you enjoy your house. Here are some of the features modern homebuyers want the most.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword. Energy efficient windows, HVAC, and even foundation can help a home feel more comfortable throughout. Energy Star appliances and lighting last longer and lower monthly electricity bills. Many homeowners even use solar panels to further reduce their household energy costs.

Contemporary Design

Modern, contemporary design favors clean lines and minimal ornamentation. This creates a more open, relaxed setting for the home that can work well with a variety of decor styles. Features like high-end cabinetry in the kitchens and bathroom can go a long way in establishing the desired look throughout the house.


Smart technology can give homeowners greater control over their homes than ever before. The ability to control everything from lights and the garage door to the thermostat and sprinkler systems through a smart device can offer peace of mind and convenience for everyday living.

At Urban Meadows from Shrock Real Estate, homebuyers can enjoy these exciting features and more in a new, high-end contemporary neighborhood. To learn more about available properties and what makes homes in Urban Meadows the perfect fit for modern living, contact us today.

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