What Does an Elegant, Energy-Efficient Home Look Like?

The housing market has undergone some radical changes in the last few years, to say the least. While some priorities may have changed, this has also helped many families figure out what really matters most to them when buying a home. Here’s a closer look at how Urban Meadows, a new in-development community from Shrock Real Estate, helps fulfill the American homeowner’s dream.

Respect & Integrity in the Building Process

At Shrock Real Estate, our builders are committed to treating each homeowner with respect and integrity. We treat others as we want to be treated by only making agreements we are able to keep. We proactively and honestly communicate throughout the process and make our best effort to understand your needs to help construction be as stress-free as possible.

High-End Contemporary Living

Of course, the finished homes are the chief attraction that will set Urban Meadows apart for many years to come. These modern, energy-efficient homes match stunning contemporary design with high-end materials throughout the house. Everything from roofing and flooring to cabinets and windows is of the highest quality. Your home will look and perform great with minimal maintenance for many years to come.

Location, Location, Location

With more people working remotely these days, you don’t necessarily have to live right in the middle of the city. But it’s still nice to be close enough for football games, concerts, and other events. Urban Meadows is conveniently located in quiet Bellville, Ohio — about halfway between Cleveland and Columbus and close to I-71. This great location gives you the best of both worlds — a quiet, peaceful place to live, while still having access to city life.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Urban Meadows has to offer, contact us today. The number of available properties is limited, so don’t wait to reach out! We look forward to helping turn your dream home into a reality.

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