Embracing Green Living At Urban Meadows: Sustainable Features And Eco-Friendly Design

From foundation to roofing, the anatomy of Urban Meadows’ homes have been designed for a highly sustainable lifestyle.  Let’s explore these energy efficient features and see what makes Urban Meadows’ homes stand apart from the rest.  



Shrock chose to incorporate Insulated Concrete Form foundations into our Urban Meadows homes.  This feature enables the home’s foundation to hold heat in the winter and cool air in the summer so that your HVAC system operates more efficiently.  It also reduces air and moisture infiltration which reduces mold growth.  



Another highly efficient feature in our Urban Meadows’ homes includes the use of Structurally Insulated Panels which creates a tight envelope around the frame of each home.  This strong, cost effective, and exceptionally insulated frame allows for the elimination of gaps, and a weather barrier that reduces condensation, mold growth, and energy costs.  



Selecting sustainable windows and doors for our homes here in Urban Meadows was significant.  The windows and doors in our current homes have large openings, clean lines, and are made of low maintenance materials so they’ll provide longevity to the homeowner while allowing for plenty of natural light.  



We have placed standing seam metal roofing on our model home.  This roof has no exposed fasteners, reduces snow build up, is composed of 56% recycled materials, and is protected by wind up to 120 mph, as well as being resistant to hail and fire. 



Multiple solar panels are included on each home allowing homeowners to enjoy the sustainability of solar power.  This reduces their reliance on the energy grid while reducing their overall utility costs.  



The HVAC system of each Urban Meadows’ home provides energy efficiency while also endorsing high quality indoor air.  Our systems offer large filtrations plus an ultraviolet light component to mitigate airborne pathogens.  Additionally, fresh air ventilators allow you to breathe easy!


With little doubt, Urban Meadows’ homes are sustainable, luxurious, and provide minimal maintenance.  Come see what this community is all about.   To learn more about our Urban Meadows development or Shrock’s sustainable practices, contact us today.

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