High Efficiency Homes in Bellville, Ohio



Whether you wish to save on rising energy costs or help the environment, there is no denying that energy efficiency is one of the most desirable options in a new home. For aspiring homeowners in the Bellville, Ohio area, Shrock Real Estate’s Energy Star certified homes are an ideal selection, with a variety of features that significantly improve energy efficiency compared to other properties.


Thermal Enclosure System

Our thermal enclosure system makes it easy to maintain consistent indoor temperatures all year long. In addition to sealing the little gaps and cracks that allow drafts into the home, properly installed insulation, structural insulated panels, and high-performance windows all help keep drafts, pollen, and pests out of the house.



An Energy Star certified HVAC system consumes less energy to heat and cool your home. A system that is properly sized for your property will optimize energy usage and household comfort. Our team also ensures that the duct system is properly sealed to prevent any air leaks.


Lighting & Appliances

Energy Star certified electrical fixtures and bulbs can reduce energy usage by up to 90 percent compared to regular bulbs, while also lasting longer. Those savings can add up quickly when you consider how many lightbulbs are in the average house! Energy Star certified appliances will also help you save money with improved energy usage and a longer lifespan. They also tend to offer quieter, higher-quality performance.

A high-efficiency home will save you money each month, while also helping to reduce your impact on the environment — and these features are just the tip of the iceberg! To learn more about how Shrock Real Estate achieves Energy Star certifications for our properties, contact us today.

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