The ENERGY STAR label is the most trusted environmental label in the United States. ENERGY STAR certified homes are at least 10% more efficient than homes built to the local building code and achieve a 20% energy efficiency improvement on average. You can expect enhanced comfort, improved durability, lower monthly utility bills, and enhanced air quality.

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The ENERGY STAR Certified Thermal Enclosure System

We can sum up the Thermal Enclosure System in one word: comfort. Your home should be the most comfortable place you go! It shouldn’t matter which room of the house you are in, or what the weather is like outside, every part of your home should be consistently comfortable for you and your family. An ENERGY STAR Certified home will achieve this, and here is how it is done:

Air Sealing

A typical home is filled with many holes, cracks, and gaps that allow drafts, moisture, pests, noise and pollen to enter your home. We seal these areas of access during the construction process using caulks, foams and other techniques. Our special attention to detail will ensure the proper sealing of areas that are missed in many other homes. All of those little gaps and cracks can add up quickly! Proper sealing of your home will have a real impact on your family’s comfort, as well as on your utility bills.

Properly Installed Insulation

It is important to have the right amount, and the right quality of insulation in your home. That quality will make a huge difference in the overall comfort of your home. Just imagine the difference between going out in a snowstorm in a light jacket, as opposed to a down-lined parka! However, in order for that insulation to ensure you have a blanket of comfort around your home, it needs to be installed properly. (The coat needs to be zipped up all the way!) An ENERGY STAR Certified home will have insulation that is properly fitted around wires and plumbing, and will not leave gaps or empty spaces. This helps to ensure consistent temperatures in your home and reduces energy use.

Reduced Thermal Bridging

Typically, walls in homes are built with a wooden skeleton. Unfortunately, even though they can make a home durable, they often have a very low “Rvalue” – which means that the heat can very easily move in or out of your home, creating a “thermal bridge,” so to speak. We don’t want that hard-earned heat to walk right out of your home, nor do we want the heat of summer to move into your home! We employ strategies that will minimize this thermal bridging, such as structural insulated panels, minimizing excess wood studs, or a continuous layer of rigid foam.

High Performance Windows

ENERGY STAR certified windows use advanced technologies to help keep heat in during winter and out during summer. They help block damaging ultraviolet sunlight that can discolor your artwork, carpets, and furnishings. They deter condensation, which, if left unchecked, could damage window sills, paint, and possibly even lead to mold growth.

The ENERGY STAR Certified Heating, Ventilation, & Cooling System

The ENERGY STAR Certified heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) system is designed for optimal performance. It seeks to lower your utility bills, keep you more comfortable, improve indoor air quality, and to do all of this more quietly and with less energy! Here are the things that set a ENERGY STAR Certified HVAC system apart from the rest:

Energy Efficiency

We use highly efficient equipment, employing the latest technology. We want to save you money in the long run!

Whole-house Mechanical Ventilation

ENERGY STAR Certified homes a built with a
mechanical ventilation system, which brings in fresh outdoor air, and reduces indoor air
pollutants. They are designed so that no air inlets are located near contaminated sources, such as exhaust fans or garages, and also have screens to prohibit pests from entering. Premium air filters reduce dust, allergens and other airborne pollutants. These filters are located in an easily accessed area to allow for maintenance. Exhaust fans are installed in bathrooms and kitchens and vent moisture and fumes directly outside of the home. Combustion appliances such as furnaces are also directly vented to the  outdoors. Out with the bad air, in with the good air!

Design & Sizing

We design the system to fit YOUR home – it will be just the right size needed for optimum performance and comfort. Too large of a system can result in wide temperature swings and poor humidity control. Too small of a system will put stress on your equipment and shorten its life. Our HVAC professionals will determine the optimal heating and cooling system for your home.

Systems Test

ENERGY STAR Certified homes are subjected to several system tests to ensure that the HVAC systems are working properly. They will test the refrigerant charge to ensure energy-efficient dehumidification. They will check the electrical connections, making sure the voltage is correct for the equipment. They will also test the volume of air flow – making sure that the right amount of air is flowing to each room, and in the equipment itself. Finally, they will check the duct system to ensure that it is properly sealed and connected throughout your home.

The ENERGY STAR Certified Water Management System

Water, though necessary for life itself, can be a very pervasive element. Rain and moisture would love nothing more than to make its way inside your home, taking up residence in attics, basements, behind walls, or even in your living areas. An ENERGY STAR Certified Water Management System is designed to make sure that water is directed off of the roof, and away from the foundation of your home. Here is what we will do to accomplish this:

Your Foundation

We will install moisture-resistant barriers to protect your foundation and utilize underground drains to carry water away.

Walls & Roof

Your walls and roof will be wrapped from top to bottom with moisture-resistant material, and windows, doors and roof intersections will be protected by flashing, which simply directs the water away from the vulnerable areas, and safely away from your home.

Building Materials

We will ensure that your building materials are not water damaged before they are even installed by properly storing the materials on site. We will also use moisture-resistant materials in the walls of the wet areas of your home, such as bathrooms.

ENERGY STAR Certified Lighting & Appliances

ENERGY STAR appliances & lighting meet strict energy efficiency guidelines that perform better and lower your operating costs – but don’t think that means sacrificing style! You expect high-quality design as well as functionality, and that we can deliver.

Advanced Lighting

ENERGY STAR certified fixtures and bulbs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles. They provide a natural color, offering the same amount of light as traditional lighting. Many are complemented with features such as dimming capabilities, automatic daylight shut-off and motion sensors. On average these fixtures and bulbs use 70-90 percent less energy than traditional models, and last at least 15 times longer. They meet UL Standards and produce 70-90 percent less heat. Replacing just one 60-watt incandescent bulb with an ENERGY STAR certified LED bulb will save nearly $55 worth of electricity costs over the lifetime of the bulb – imagine the savings possible in an entire household!

Energy Efficient Appliances

 A package of ENERGY STAR certified appliances can equal significant savings in your home energy costs. Refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, ceiling fans & ventilation fans are all designed with smart features to be better quality, use considerable less energy, operate quieter, and last longer.


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